Audi A3 from 2012

First victory in the compact class
With the third edition of the A3, Audi made an impressive impact on the compact class. The model range, which was introduced in 2012, achieved its first class victory in the DEKRA Used Car Report amongst the compact cars, following strong performances by the A6, A1 and TT model ranges. 

The base members of the A3 model family, which is technically closely related to the VW Golf, are the two-door model and the slightly longer (by a few centimeters) and therefore slightly roomier A3 Sportback with four doors (luggage compartment: 380 liters). In 2013, a stylistically attractive, four-door sedan with a notchback and 425 liters of cargo space joined the ranks. The chic A3 Cabrio with a classic soft top and notchback (280 to 320 liters for luggage) completes the quartet. 

In terms of power, the compact Audi offers the full range. Alongside modern TFSI petrol engines and reliable TDI self-ignitions, a natural gas version, the 1.4 TFSI G-Tron, as well as the 204 hp/150 kW powerful hybrid E-Tron are also part of the model range. The more powerful engines normally bring their power home with helpful support from a Quattro drive system. 

Even with the “smaller” TFSI or TDI engines with 150 hp/110 kW, the A3 moves briskly along the streets. For sporty drivers, the 400 hp/294 kW RS3 2.5 TFSI, which goes from 0 to 100 km/h in roadster areas in 4.1 seconds, is a foregone conclusion. The equipment package for the sporty versions includes a sports chassis, 18-inch wheels, sports seats and a corresponding aesthetic.

Precise steering and a high level of agility do their best to provide A3 drivers with enjoyment whilst driving. As opposed to its very streamlined predecessor, Audi has given the current generation A3 a significantly more comfortable chassis.

In terms of safety, A3 drivers can rely on the latest technology. Alongside ESP, seven airbags (Cabrio: five) and Bi-Xenon headlamps, there are many assistance systems available such as the city collision avoidance system and adaptive cruise control, as well as an electronic assistant for staying in and changing lane and parking. 

Thanks to high quality, excellent workmanship and modern technology, used A3s which have been cared for reasonably still appear to be in top shape even after some years.

Commentary 2018
The third and current generation of Audi's compact model builds on the good results of its predecessor and continues to leave a consistently positive impression in comparison with other vehicles of its class. Even at higher mileages, only below-averagely little was found fault with by the DEKRA experts. At most, stone impacts on the windshield and noticeable contact patterns of the brake disks are to be mentioned, which can be easily checked by potential buyers.

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