VW Amarok from 2010

A solid choice for practical people, adventurers and free-stylers.
The VW Amarok is one of the tools for the bigger things in life. It represents the feeling of freedom and adventure. In-keeping with this, the name Amarok refers back to a wolf being in Inuit mythology. The pick-up, which was released in 2010, is just as at home in canyons and steppes as in its native woods or the building site round the corner. Even in adverse conditions, the Amarok understands virtues such as reliability and solidity, as shown in the DEKRA Used Car Report 2018. In the small van category, the Volkswagen, as in 2015, made the leap right to the top of the winner’s podium. 

A huge advantage of the 5.25 meter long flatbed truck is that, regardless of where you are, the truck is always there too. Especially with “Copper Orange” paintwork and with a lighting strip on the roof, the casual all-rounder is ready for a trip to the disco.

Those who wish to use the Amarok professionally as well as privately will find more comfort and a more civilized image in the equipment range than in the base version, with painted spoilers, alloy wheels and an air conditioning system. A lot of general and head space in the front and rear seats make the rustic VW a fully-fledged five-seater. ESP, up to six airbags and Isofix as standard ensure safety as well as the off-road hill descent assistant which is activated using a button.

The VW is available with a single or double cab for commercial use. The 1.22 meter wide truck bed between wheel cases is sufficient for loading euro pallets widthwise with space to spare. Depending on the engine, the pickup can tow trailers up to 3.2 tons.

In terms of engines, a 2.0 TDI has been appropriate for the Amarok from the outset. The performance spectrum ranges from 120 hp/90 kW to 180 hp/132 kW in the BiTurbo which, in combination with an eight-speed automatic gearbox, invokes a torque value of 420 Newton meters. 

In 2016, V6 3.0 TDI engine in the Euro 6 emissions class was introduced to three variants by VW. The four-wheel drive, mid-range model brings 204 hp/150 kW and 500 Newton meters to the roads. There are three options to choose from in terms of power transmission: Rear-wheel drive, permanent four-wheel drive for comfort on paved roads and a switchable four-wheel drive with terrain reduction. All three are equipped with an electronic differential lock.

Commentary 2018
The cool VW pickup reaffirms its excellent qualities again this year. The various lighting defects found during the general inspection mostly can be rectified by simply replacing the corresponding light bulbs. Occasionally, vehicles are found to have worn brake pads and uneven braking action.

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