Audi A4 from 2007 4th gen.

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The Audi A4 is, not without reason, one of the most beloved vehicles in the medium class. The fourth generation, which was produced from 2007 to 2015, hit the back of the net with excellent workmanship, modern technology and a large model range. In the DEKRA Used Car Report 2018, the car from Ingolstadt has managed to jump from second place in the past two years to the top of the medium class. “It proves itself to be very reliable in all mileage groups and is, therefore, following in the best Audi footsteps”, say the vehicle inspectors.

High-quality materials and solid premium quality ensure that the A4 mostly drives up fresh and unspent after years. Buyers of a used model of this bestseller can generally do very little wrong. 

A4 drivers prefer to reach for the highly adaptable Avant sports wagon which is also available in a fashionably rustic all-terrain version with a Quattro drive system. The four-door notchback sedan follows the path of classic elegance. In principle, the Sportback with its hatchback, the Coupé and the torsion-resistant Cabrio from the A5 range, belong to the same family. 

An external length of 4.7 meters means comfortable spatial conditions, sufficient storage space and good suitability as a touring car. The Avant’s luggage area can be extended from 490 to 1430 liters, a significant advantage over the sedan.

On the streets, the A4 stands out due to its secure cornering, agile handling, precise steering, excellent directional stability and low sound levels. The well-tuned springs offer a good level of driving comfort which is enhanced by an adaptive chassis. Sporty drivers find alternatives in the sports versions with streamlined sports chassis, sports seats and a corresponding aesthetic. 

The range of engines also only leaves very few wishes unfulfilled. From the basic engines, the 1.8 TFSI petrol engine and the 2.0 TDI diesel engine, each with 12 hp/88 kW, the spectrum ranges to the powerful and very economical TDI and TFSI machines with two and three liter capacities. The top model is the sporty RS4 with 450 hp / 331 kW. The more powerful engines are primarily available in combination with four-wheel drive.

The comprehensive safety package includes, alongside the standard six airbags (Cabrio: four), ESP and driver drowsiness detection, the option of a lane departure warning system, adaptive cruise control and Bi-Xenon headlamps, as well as cornering lights and rear side airbags.

Commentary 2018
The A4 proves to be a very reliable car in all mileage ranges and is thus in the very best of Audi tradition. If the DEKRA testers had to level any criticism at the vehicle, it would mostly be chips on windscreens, misaligned headlights or defective headlight cleaning systems.

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