Audi A1 from 2010

At eye level
Even if the Audi A1 plays the role of the baby of the family, the 2010 small car can keep up with its big brothers in some aspects. Like them, it tends uncompromisingly towards quality and top-quality workmanship. Furthermore, it has achieved victory in the mini/small car category for the fourth time in the DEKRA Used Car Report 2018. The inspectors’ conclusion: “Audi has taken the top position in the mini /small car vehicle class with its smallest family member which has typical Audi quality.”

Both the two-door model and the almost identical four-door Sportback offer good front spatial conditions in a high-class atmosphere. The four-door version offers simple accessibility at the rear and more head room. The luggage compartment in either model is not the most spacious: 270 liters as standard, 920 liters when extended. 

It is not rare for the A1 to compete as a highly individualized power package which does not scrimp on driving enjoyment. Feature details such as a lifestyle kit with decorative colored panels for ventilation nozzles, center console and door handles, a panoramic glass roof, leather cushions, two-tone paintwork and sports features provide an opportunity to uniquely fit out the A1. Its resale may not always be advantageous but it gives used car buyers a chance. 

When trying to convince the more solvent small car fans, the baby of the Audi family provides a decidedly agile and secure driving experience, complemented by the precisely working steering and gear shift. Together with the finely tuned chassis it is clear that the driving fun will not be too short here. 

The 2015 face lift primarily brought, alongside new lines of equipment, new and more economical engines. The S1 2.0 TFSI (231 hp/170 kW) which is endowed with four-wheel drive also operates as the top model. An economical, 1.0 TFSI petrol engine with two power settings (standard consumption: 4.2 liter) replaced the 1.2 TFSI as the basic engine. TFSI engines with 1.4 and 1.8 liter capacities cover the range to 192 hp/141 kW. The 1.6 and 2.0 TDIs, which were produced before the face lift (up to 143 hp/105 kW), also stand out due to economy and motivation, but need to be checked for the VW emission problems. 

This small Audi offers a good safety package for its class with airbags and ESPs as standard. For an additional fee, Bi-Xenon headlamps, cruise control and high-beam assistance are also available.

Commentary 2018
The Audi A1 again is a great performer in the DEKRA used car report. Apart from brake disks with stronger rust incidence, the A1 shows only various misaligned headlights. In the usual quality, Audi's smallest family member achieves the top position in the mini/small car class.

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