Audi TT from 2006 - 2014

Sporty, Elegant, Agile
The Audi TT underlines its sporty ambitions with a dynamic design language and strong driving performance. The second generation of the sports car, built from 2006 to 2014, shines with very agile handling and outstanding workmanship, whether as a coupé or as a roadster. This is reflected in the DEKRA Used Car Report 2017 in its class victory among the sports cars.

To be precise, the coupĂ© is an extended two-seater with a lot of space on the comfortable sports seats at the front. The compact emergency seats in the rear passenger compartment have the practical advantage that they enlarge the 290-liter trunk to up to 700 liters. Cabriolet drivers must limit themselves to250 liters. The elegant, padded soft-top opens and closes in the TTS equipment with electrical assistance in a few seconds. The optional electric wind deflector brings increased comfort in open driving. 

On the road, the Audi TT scores points with safe handling, a high level of agility, and precise steering. The chassis is already designed as sporty firm as standard, this applies all the more so to the RS variants. Those who place more importance on a comfortable suspension can opt for the TTS, which has an adaptive chassis on board. 

The safety package includes four airbags, ESP and efficient brakes. Bi-xenon headlights, a full beam assistant, and cornering lights as well as cruise control are optionally available. Due to the limited backward overview, a model with parking sensors is recommended. 

The range of engines begins with the 1.8 TFSI petrol engine (160 hp/118 kW), which accelerates from zero to a hundred in 7.3 seconds. The economical 2.0 TDI diesel engine (170 hp/125 kW) also plays in this performance league, getting by with 5.3 liters according to the norm. The popular 2.0 TFSI with 2,011 hp/150 kW surpasses the 100 mark after just 5.8 seconds and reaches a top speed of 240 km/h. 

The 2.5 TT RS acts as a top model, mobilizing 340 hp/250 kW and a powerful torque of 450 newton meters. Almost all the models have four-wheel drive and the option of a dual clutch transmission. 

Commentary 2017
The second generation Audi TT exhibits far above average reliability and particularly in the high mileages ranks right at the top in the sports car ranking by DEKRA. Bucking the trend for this vehicle class, the TT also has no serious chassis and brake weaknesses. An above-average number of torn dust covers and damaged exhaust systems are noticeable. The TT's poor score in the bodywork assembly group is caused by frequently identified cracks in the windscreen especially in the higher mileage ranges.

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