Mercedes-Benz M Class from 2011 / GLE from 2015

Pure driving culture
The Mercedes M Class is still one of the flawless SUVs which are also equipped for excursions to more or less difficult terrain. The third generation, which was introduced at the end of 2011 and has existed under the name of GLE since 2015, hit the back of the net with a high level of comfort, increased agility, economical engines, the latest drive technology and the most up-to-date assistance systems. Reliability is also not a foreign concept for the all-terrain vehicle. In the DEKRA Used Car Report 2018, as in 2016, it parks right at the top of the SUV winner’s podium in the all-terrain vehicle/SUV class. 

Additionally, the M Class provides evidence of the fact that even large SUVs can master the basics of fuel saving. 1500 is the magic number. This is how many kilometers the ML 250 BlueTec 4Matic four-cylinder diesel engine (204 hp/ 150 kW) manages with a standard consumption of 6.0 liters with 93 liters in the tank, and that is with a full torque value (500 Nm) and naught to one hundred km/h in 9 seconds. In comparison to predecessors, the model range used an average of 25 percent less fuel at launch.

The 350 BlueTec 3.0 liter V6 engine with 258 hp/190 kW works very efficiently, consuming 6.8 liters per 100 km but putting forward considerably better mileages. Those who prefer a petrol engine can reach for the 350 4Matic (306 hp/225 kW) or the sports-inspired 63 AMG 4Matic engines. All engines are equipped with fuel-saving 7-speed automatic gearbox.

The M Class offers a high level of comfort, dynamic handling on tarmac and, not least because of active roll stabilization, does not lack the best off-road skills. On journeys which are off the beaten track, there is an off-road program as well as permanent four-wheel drive and traction control which can be used. An On&Offroad packet awaits seasoned off-road drivers with six driving programs, in addition to underride protection, a transfer case, a longitudinal differential lock, modified air suspension and increased ground clearance. 

The generous interior both at the front and rear can be classically exclusive or sporty on request and is very well manufactured. The 690 liter luggage compartment is generous and variable. When the rear seats are folded down, there is an impressive 2010 liters of flat storage space available. 

The M Class profits from the Mercedes safety concept, Real Life Safety, which is geared towards real-life accidents. Alongside costly crumple zones, up to nine airbags, ESP and pedestrian protection, there is an Armada of assistance systems available for the SUV, from braking assistants, driver drowsiness detection systems and Pre-Safe to a night vision assistant, a lane departure warning system and a blind spot assistant.

Since its face lift in Fall 2015, the M Class has been called GLE, the current term for an MB SUV in the E Class format. Since then a rear-drive model, a plug-in hybrid GLE 500e and even more economical engines have been introduced.

Commentary 2018
Formerly known as M-class, this is now called GLE class. This makes no difference to the result. During the general inspection, the inspectors found little to complain about, even at mileages of greater than 100,000 km. Here and there, oily gearboxes were found. This means that the Mercedes gets the top ranking in the SUV class this year. Well done!

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