Audi A6 from 2011

„Best of all Classes” for the third year in a row
For the third year in a row, the Audi A6 has secured the title of “Best of all Classes” in the DEKRA Used Car Report 2018. The fourth A6 generation, which has been produced since 2011, also won victory in the upper medium class/upper class and recorded the best average fault index in the three mileage categories up to 150,000 kilometers. 

In the fields of solidity and reliability, the Audi A6 is solid as a rock. Added to this are excellent workmanship, high quality materials and modern technology. All of this results in the A6 being a top recommendation in the upper medium class. Thanks to its full service history, even Audis which are often used as business liners, with mileages exceeding 100,000 kilometers are, in most cases, no obstacle to a problem-free second life in private ownership.

All A6 chassis variants feature generous spatial conditions and evoke an upper class feeling. Even in the comfortable back seats, tall passengers also find there is a lot of head and leg room. The sedan does not scrimp on space with a luggage compartment of 530 to 996 liters. The A7 Sportback, which is based on the A6, adds to this with 535 to 1390 liters and the A6 Avant combination version offers 1680 liters of storage space. 

In combination with the 3.0 liter TDI engine, the A6 is also seen on the roads as a beefy, elevated all-terrain version with four-wheel Quattro drive as standard. 

A face lift in mid-2016 brought a breath of fresh air to the engines, lighting system and the topic of control. The range of engines extends from the two-liter TFSI petrol engine with 180 hp/132 kW to the top model RS6, which delivers 560 hp/445 kW with its four-liter, eight-cylinder engine. The 3.0 TDI six-cylinder diesel engine with up to 320 hp/235 kW is the preferred choice in combination with four-wheel drive and automatic gears. 

Despite its 1.7 to 2 tons of unladen weight, the Audi demonstrates agile handling and very safe driving characteristics on the road and pleases with precise steering. The chassis set-up provides a successful combination of comfort and firmness. This makes the Audi particularly suitable for long distance journeys. Driving comfort can be further increased with optional air suspension. 

In addition to six airbags and ESP, the comprehensive safety package also includes a light and rain sensor, cruise control and an accident-preventing safety system as standard. Assistant systems for full beam, night vision, parking, lane-keeping and changing as well as adaptive cruise control are optional.

Commentary 2018
The previous year's winner of the "best of all classes" valuation A6 Type 4G secures itself a top position this year as well. The A6 still shows signs of weakness in the bodywork/frame/interior assembly group with an increased number of damaged windshields. In an increased mileage, a sufficient brake effect is sometimes no longer achieved or the tire-pressure check reports an error.

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